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Listen, owning a timeshare you aren’t using is frustrating! We get it! Paying annual maintenance fees plus a mortgage only makes sense if you’re utilizing your vacation. However, things happen! Maybe you can’t take a vacation this year; maybe there’s a scheduling conflict; or maybe you just want out. Whatever our situation, listing your timeshare on Resortwave can help you in various ways.

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No monthly fees.​ No listing fees. No membership dues. Pay as low as $0 until your suite is booked and never again commit before seeing results. Only after your listing is booked will you be charged 10% of the booking fee.


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*Resortwave process payments on our secure, SSL-encrypted platform. This allows us to verify authenticity of the payment. Once your vacationers arrives and successfully checks in, we then send you the payment. 


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Resortwave is with you every step of the way. Log in and access your account on any device at anytime. Get notified in real time when there are updates to your account or a vacationer messages you. Maintain your privacy while maximizing your listing’s exposure.

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Reserve Dates

It’s important that you contact your resort, book your timeshare dates and secure a confirmation or reservation number.


Login to or create an account. All renters and owners must create an account for verification purposes.


Click “add a listing” and fill out your timeshare information. Be sure to include all details vacationers will want to know and include pictures to maximize exposure.


Approve Guests

Once a vacationer has requested your listing, you’ll need to approve your guests. Then contact your resort and obtain confirmation.


Get Paid!

When your guests arrive at the resort and successfully check in, all funds will be released to you!

*Remember to never provide your contact or banking information outside of Any transactions between owners and vacationers should happen through

Here are a few answers
to our most common questions.

If you don’t see your question here, get in touch with us and our dedicated customer support team will help you find an answer. We’re here to help you.

All you need to get started are your timeshare details and pictures. If you don’t have pictures inside your individual suite we suggest using pictures of your resort. If you plan to use a full service listing you’ll need to have your contract readily available. 

Pictures are a huge selling point and greatly increase your chances of getting your suite rented. If you don’t have any pictures of either your suite or the resort, contact us! We can help you.

After you’ve created an account you’ll click on the “add listing” button at the top right corner. Fill in your timeshare details and publish!

We suggest posting each unit separately and one combined unit. For example, if you have a 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom that can be combined to make a 3 bedroom you should post all three as separate listings. Since you approve your vacationer, you can remove any conflicting listings once one is booked. (For example, if someone books the 3 bedroom you can simply remove the 1 and 2 bedroom listings at that time.) If you are using either the gold or platinum advertising packages on a lock-off unit please call us for pricing.

Interested vacationers will message you to request permission. Your messages will appear on your profile page. 

There are no listing fees. If you’d like to increase your timeshare’s exposure you can pay a $35 advertising fee. If you’d like our staff to handle the entire rental process then you can pay a $75 fee and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Once your visitors arrive at the resort we will send payment based on your preferred payout method. 

Yes, you can upgrade your listing at anytime. Head over to your profile page and next to your listing will be several options. Click on “upgrade” and follow the steps to choose which package you’d like to upgrade to. 

Resortwave allows owners to privately communicate with interested vacationers. You can stop advertising your email, phone number or any other private information you don’t want to advertise to the general public.

Want to know how other sites rank listings? Reviews! The more reviews your listing has the more exposure it gets. Unfortunately, for timeshare listings you’ll only receive one review per year. That’s not enough to compete with other vacation rentals! With Resortwave, we only collect reviews for your resort, not your individual unit. So no longer will your listing fall to the last page or be negatively effected by factors outside of your control! 

We're here to help you.

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Finally, a safe place just for people like you. The Resortwave community is full of timeshare owners who come up against the same challenges, questions and concerns as yourself. Not only will you get to converse with timeshare owners but vacationers are just as much a part of the community too!