6 Reasons You Should List Your Unused Timeshare For Rent

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So you have an unused timeshare that you’re sinking your money into? Exchange system not as flexible as you thought? Prefer the cash to take a unique vacation this time around? Join the club! Literally. Resortwave was specifically designed for owners to post their timeshare or fractional ownership for rent. However with Resortwave you’ll get the privacy, protection, and transparency you need to successfully lease your space. Similar to Amazon, Airbnb, Fiverr, Etsy, Uber and many other online marketplaces, Resortwave is “customer to customer” or “consumer to consumer” meaning individuals trade directly with each other. As the owners you set your rates and have much more control over the entire trading process. Here’s 5 reasons you should post it on Resortwave:

1. Millions of people take vacations a year

That’s right, millions. You may be under the impression that nobody cares about your suite in “wherever, Florida” or your mountain view in Nevada but you’re wrong! Some people dream of that vacation and save and search for it every time they want to getaway. Unfortunately, once they look up hotel prices and add that to transportation to entertainment plus flights and food many realize that their dream will just have to wait. With more exposure you can find vacationers happy to pay for your getaway. The only problem is, you’ll never know how many opportunities you miss until you maximize your exposure. So why not give Resortwave a try?

2. Only pay a small fee IF your timeshare is booked

For real. Too often in the timeshare community do we find predators and con artists claiming that for an upfront fee you’ll have so many benefits. Only to find out that you’re wasting your money and absolutely nothing will change. Resortwave is only successful if you are successful. So why pay upfront for the opportunity to market your space? List your suite for free (only pay for optional upgraded features) and stop coming out of pocket for promises. Get the results you want, first!

3. Connect directly with your visitors before approving them.

You are in full control of who you let in your space. As the owner it’s important that you are happy with who you invite to stay. Chat with them, ask questions, discuss ground rules, do whatever makes you comfortable! The sharing community is expanding from our homes, to our cars, and vacation rentals so guests anticipate abiding by certain rules and are typically happy to. So let them know what they can expect, need to know and should avoid. You want your guests to feel the “mi casa es su casa” vibe and, as the owner, it starts with you!

4. Your visitors help pay your maintenance fees

Ah yes, the dreaded maintenance fees. They’re a tough pill to swallow year after year when your timeshare is sitting vacant, collecting dust. Aren’t they? So why not let someone else cover that expense? Who knows, you may even pocket a little extra $$. Need I say more?

5. Take a unique vacation or don’t!

With timeshares, you’re basically forced to take a vacation every single year. To the same place, within the same company or around the same time. Now an avid traveler would probably l-o-v-e the obligatory vacation! However, even they need things like variety, flexibility, or even, you know, money! So options are one of those things it’s always nice to have. Now you can bask in that flexibility to do whatever works for you this year. Go during a different season, go somewhere new or don’t go anywhere at all! With Resortwave assisting you, your options are finally endless.

6. Save your cold hard cash

Listen. Points are great. Everybody loves points! Right? Well…the reality is they have their limitations too. You know what doesn’t have limitations? Cash. You can spend it wherever, however, and whenever you want. Need some extra money to pay off that unexpected medical bill? Spots filling up fast at the summer camp your kids are begging you to sign up for?  Or maybe you just want to throw some more money in your savings. Can you do that with your timeshare points? Probably not.

So why not give it a shot?