Can’t use your timeshare this year?

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So you can't use your timeshare this year...

Ugh. That’s frustrating! But we can’t always get a vacation year after year. It happens! Sometimes we just can’t get the time off of work, flights are crazy expensive, or maybe a relative is sick and really needs our help. Or maybe you simply want to take a different vacation this year. When that happens, what do you do with your timeshare? How many options do you really have? 

Surely, you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees for the vacation you can’t take.

So when you need to turn in your vacation in exchange for money, where can you go? Unfortunately, a lot of owners realize their options (or lack thereof) once it’s too late. One of the most obvious choices is to advertise it yourself with a classified ad. This is always an affordable option! However, you still have to deal with the unscrupulous “buyers” who could very well be honest, straight-forward and easy to rent to! OR they could be a scammer, ready to give you the run around, write a bad check or waste your time in some other way. Then, of course, there are some resorts and companies that offer to take your vacation in exchange for points! What’s that? You don’t want points? You’d rather save your money? Duh! Everybody likes money! Not to mention, those points don’t guarantee that you’ll get the room you want, when you want or on the resort that you want. So where can you go to get your money back for your great vacation that you just can’t take this time around? Where are timeshare rentals posted for a safe exchange?

Enter, Resortwave!

The online marketplace specifically and solely designed for timeshare rentals. No buying, no selling, no confusion… just booking resort vacations! This means Resortwave doesn’t mix your listings with vacation rentals. I can just hear you now…”Does it matter?” YES! Yes it does matter! Have you ever listed your timeshare on a vacation rental site and then wondered why you have to scroll through page after page to find it? That’s because your listing has a low ranking. You see, on other vacation rental sites every listing is ranked by factors like the number of positive reviews, visitor ratings, and number of page visits. However, unlike year round vacation rentals, timeshares only have one renter per year so it would take a long time before you have multiple visitors or numerous reviews. To prevent your listing from being penalized for a lack of reviews, Resortwave uses different methodologies. 

And here's why we're different

First, Resortwave ranks listings using reviews about your resort, not your individual suite. So a listing on a great resort will show up in a traveler’s search quicker and gain more exposure than a resort that is poorly managed or maintained. Second, Resortwave focuses on the dates of your listing. The sooner your vacation, the more exposure you get! We know that with timeshares you only get one opportunity PER YEAR to get it rented. So that means you need to market your vacation well. On a typical vacation rental site, your listing isn’t likely to get any additional exposure based on the time of year because year round vacation rentals can be booked at anytime. However, timeshares don’t have that luxury which we understand. SO why not list with us? Resortwave is here to help you!